About Us

The Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) is an Internet-based system that combines a wealth of career, educational and labor market information into one comprehensive, easy-to-use exploration tool. With MCIS, students and clients can:

  • Learn about over 520 occupations
  • Develop a personal portfolio and personal learning plan
  • Research colleges, universities, and career schools
  • Find scholarships and financial aid
  • Improve job search skills and create a resume


MCIS offers several subscription fee levels, based on the number of potential users at each site. MCIS is used by schools, colleges, libraries, Workforce Centers, and many community-based organizations. MCIS is updated annually to ensure that the information is current and accurate. An annual MCIS subscription includes:

  • Unlimited access to the website
  • Free training via hands-on workshops held around the state
  • Free technical support
  • Listserv membership

If you have questions about any MCIS product, wanting to request training or for technical support please email the MCIS Team.