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  • MCIS

    MCIS is a comprehensive career exploration and planning system for students and adults. It includes a wealth of information on occupations, postsecondary schools of all types, scholarships, employment resources and much more. Users are able to create personal portfolios that support lifelong career planning. MCIS includes tools that encourage self-reflection, exploration, research, goal setting and decision making.

    There are multiple versions of MCIS to fit your populations’ needs. See fee schedule(s) linked above.

  • MCIS 360

    Introducing the new companion version of MCIS! MCIS 360 was created in responsive design and features a brand new look. There are updated graphics and a more pleasing color scheme. MCIS 360 is still being updated to incorporate more of the information files that are currently in MCIS. You can access MCIS 360 from the current version – see “Navigating the Mega Menus” below for instructions!

    Navigating MCIS 360

    Navigating MCIS 360 Jr

    My Dashboard

  • SLEDS-MCIS Project

    MCIS is working with the Statewide Longitudinal Education Data System (SLEDS) to provide insights into the impact of planning on career and college success outcomes, as well as trends in career aspirations, gaps in student uderstanding of available options and more. Information from student MCIS portfolios is de-identified and combined with the rich data already in SLEDS. Signing up for the SLEDS-MCIS project is free. Schools will receive reports on what their graduates do - see the flier below for more information!

    SLEDS-MCIS Project Flier

  • Optional Add-on Test Prep Packages

    MCIS offers four separate packages of online courses and practice tests for a variety of college admission test, placement exams, and exams required for entering the military and some civilian occupations.

    The four different packages are described here:

    Academic Package 1

    Academic Package 2

    Civil Service Package

    College Placement Skills Training (CPST)


    See fee schedule linked above.