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  • MCIS

    MCIS is a comprehensive career information and planning system for high school students and adults. It includes a wealth of information on occupations, postsecondary schools of all types, scholarships, job search skills and much more. Users are able to create personal portfolios that support lifelong career planning and promote career self-reliance. MCIS includes tools that encourage self-assessment, exploration, research, goal setting, and decision-making.


    See fee schedule linked above.

  • MCIS Practice Test and Online Course Packages

    MCIS offers four separate packages of online courses and practice tests for a variety of college admission test, placement exams, and exams required for entering the military and some civilian occupations.

    The four different packages are described here:

    Academic Package 1

    Academic Package 2

    Civil Service Package

    College Placement Skills Training (CPST)


    See fee schedule linked above.

  • MCIS Jr.

    MCIS Jr. is a computerized system that supports reading, writing, decision-making, and critical thinking skills while developing self-awareness, career exploration, research, and planning skills.  The reading requirement for this product is fifth-grade level, making it appropriate for special populations as well as students in middle schools or junior highs.

  • My Plan

    My Plan provides an online system to help middle- and high-school students create a Personal Learning Plan. 


    My Plan Brochures:

    My Plan Information for Educators

    My Plan Information for Parents

    MCIS Meets the Transition to Postsecondary

  • Additional Product Information

    MCIS Brochure

    MCIS at a Glance

    MCIS Meets the New Legislation

    MCIS FAQ for Families

    See fee schedule linked above.